BITDEFENDER Sec.Mail Serv. - Linux - EDU R 2year, 15 - 24 users 202468

Forsiden / BITDEFENDER Sec.Mail Serv. - Linux - EDU R 2year, 15 - 24 users 202468
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BITDEFENDER Sec.Mail Serv. - Linux - EDU R 2year, 15 - 24 users 202468 (AL3542200B-EN)

BITDEFENDER Sec.Mail Serv. - Linux - EDU R 2year, 15 - 24 users 202468

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Bitdefender Security for Mail Server

Email has become an indispensible service that businesses need to protect – at whatever the cost. When the Email server stops working, so does your workforce. The impact of lost productivity combined with a severe virus outbreak propagated by email can practically bring a company to its knees. While many organizations consider the internal impact of email-borne viruses, an even greater concern is loss of reputation and damage caused by an employee accidently sending out an infected email to partners or customers. More than anything else, damage to a company’s reputation can be irreversible.

A company’s email system provides one of the main entry and exit points within the network for malicious code propagation and data leakage. Therefore, email security solutions should be able to counter the many different threats that leverage a company’s email system in order to propagate - these include;
- Sending or receiving malicious code through email attachments
- Unsolicited communication in the form of Spam
- Phishing attempts to acquire confidential information
- Legitimate users leaking confidential information by email
- Dictionary Harvesting Attacks (DHA)
Because of the mechanisms used to propagate email threats are becoming more virulent, stopping them at the desktop may be too late. Therefore, a solution deployed at the edge of the network and on the mail server itself can minimize the impact of malware by cleaning infected documents and ensuring the protection of your organization’s most critical business asset - a communicating workforce.

Bitdefender Security for Mail Servers

Bitdefender Security for Mail Servers protects Windows or UNIX-based mail servers for known and unknown security threats with award winning proactive antivirus, antispyware, antispam, antiphishing, content and attachment filtering technologies. The solution secures organization’s email services and provides increased productivity by blocking spam and providing common centralized management tools.

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